Be’ Jam Be - the Never Ending Song
(Be’ Jam Be et cela n’aura pas de fin.)

Caroline Parietti, Cyprien Ponson
France, Switzerland 2017 | 85 min | engl. subtitled

Wed, 29-May-19 10:00 AM
“The Mutan tree, well we say tree, but orig­i­nal­ly it’s a liana that uses the tree to climb. And its grasp ends up killing the tree.” In Sarawak, one of … read more

I am Golden Karen

Maui Druez, Preben Verledens
Belgium 2018 | 83 min | engl. subtitled

Wed, 29-May-19 01:30 PM
“Even when I close my eyes, I can hardly remem­ber what my vil­lage looks like, but I carry the beauty of Karen state in my mind for­ev­er.” Some say the … read more

With Our Eyes

Laura Na Blankholm
Denmark 2018 | 41 min | engl. subtitled

Wed, 29-May-19 03:30 PM
Affect­ed by the polit­i­cal real­i­ty in Den­mark, WITH OUR EYES exam­ines how col­lab­o­ra­tive trans­gres­sion can break down the stereo­typ­i­cal image of Mus­lims. In the film, the char­ac­ters become par­tic­i­pants by … read more

Film for Carlos

Renato Borrayo Serrano
Russia 2017 | 31 Min | engl. subtitled

Wed, 29-May-19 03:30 PM

Carlos is the name of a new­born baby in Moscow. His mother is Russ­ian and his father is Guatemalan. This is a prob­lem for Carlos’ mater­nal grand­par­ents, who begin to com­plain when they come to visit. Why did they not give him a Russ­ian name? Why did their daugh­ter choose to be with a for­eign­er? In FILM FOR CARLOS, film­mak­er and father Renato Bor­rayo Ser­ra­no records the visit of his par­ents-in-law, the dif­fi­cult rela­tion­ship they share, as well as their ded­i­ca­tion to the “Russ­ian Empire.” The result­ing com­bi­na­tion of these ingre­di­ents is a family (home) movie that is both shock­ing as well as humor­ous and loving.


Laura Kansy, Oskar Zoche
Germany, India 2018 | 75 min | engl. subtitled

Wed, 29-May-19 05:30 PM
Four strangers - same room, same cloth­ing, same city. Four people who would rarely meet in real life, enter into dia­logue. Love, money, faith and some kind of dif­fer­ence. Four … read more

Up Down & Sideways

Anushka Meenakshi, Iswar Srikumar
India 2017 | 83 min | engl. subtitled

Wed, 29-May-19 07:30 PM

Thu, 30-May-19 05:30 PM
Why do people sing when they work? In Phek, a vil­lage in the hills close to the border between India and Myan­mar, almost all res­i­dents work togeth­er in the fields. … read more

Emails to My Little Sister

Solomon A. Mekonen
Ethiopia, Germany 2018 | 25 min | engl. subtitled

Wed, 29-May-19 10:00 PM
“I can’t be cer­tain what will happen with this dig­ni­ty in you when you decide to come, too.” In his auto-ethno­graph­ic film EMAILS TO MY LITTLE SISTER, the Ethiopi­an direc­tor … read more


Anne Reijniers, Nizar Saleh, Paul Shemisi, Rob Jacobs
Belgium, Congo | engl. subtitled

Wed, 29-May-19 10:00 PM

Sun, 02-Jun-19 06:00 PM
On the eve of the post­poned Con­golese elec­tions, two Con­golese and two Bel­gian cineasts are col­lab­o­rat­ing on a film about Kin­shasa and its resis­tance against the lega­cies of colo­nial­ism. The … read more