stu­dents´ plat­form

The stu­dents sec­tion of the freiburg­er film forum is being intro­duced for the third time with an inter­na­tion­al selec­tion of cur­rent debut films.

Our stu­dents’ plat­form gives aspir­ing film artists of the field of visual anthro­pol­o­gy, ethnog­ra­phy, film and media art the chance to present their work in Freiburg.

In the stu­dents´ plat­form, the empha­sis is on the forum, mean­ing it’s not about com­pe­ti­tion and tech­ni­cal per­fec­tion; it’s about explor­ing film projects that are orig­i­nal in terms of con­tent and form. Togeth­er with our audi­ence and film guests, we would like to dis­cuss the diverse approach­es to socio-inter­cul­tur­al topics and var­i­ous life­worlds.