How can we use meth­ods of irri­ta­tion and con­fronta­tion within our film­mak­ing prac­tice to irri­tate the status quo and show that there are more ways of being in and expe­ri­enc­ing the world than cov­ered within nor­ma­tive nar­ra­tives? How do we keep a high level of sen­si­tiv­i­ty within the work togeth­er with pro­tag­o­nists when work­ing on sen­si­tive topics? How can we the­ma­tize sen­si­tive topics like home and belong­ing in film by show­ing the strug­gles of locat­ing one’s own iden­ti­ties in a binary, racial social system? 

We will get a first insight in how queer­ing the approach to shoot­ing ‘Other’ can be used to re-design nor­ma­tive research meth­ods, making them more inclu­sive, inno­v­a­tive, and empath­ic, and how this can impact the ethics and authen­tic­i­ty of the whole film. 

Taking a closer look to the film of film­mak­er Humad Nisar we will also get the oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn from Humad’s expe­ri­ences, who will share insights and mate­r­i­al from the direc­tors work on the film HOME SWEET HOME. In this film project par­tic­i­pa­to­ry meth­ods were exper­i­ment­ed with over three years. To accu­mu­late the sen­su­al­i­ty of a place like home, the film uses sen­so­ry and psy­che­del­ic ethno­graph­ic film meth­ods to create haptic visu­als for the viewer rather than pas­sive par­tic­i­pa­tion. 

We highly rec­om­mend the par­tic­i­pants to take part in the film screen­ing of HOME SWEET HOME on 15th of May. Humad Nisar, togeth­er with Sabah Jal­loul, is giving anoth­er work­shop on Col­lab­o­ra­tive Film­mak­ing - Why rela­tion­ship mat­ters.

Humad Nisar (any pro­noun) is a visual anthro­pol­o­gist based in Ger­many, born and raised in Pak­istan. Cur­rent­ly, Humad is work­ing on con­duct­ing queer and migra­tion film work­shops for the BIPOC youth in Ger­many. Humad Nisar con­ducts film work­shops to make film­mak­ing acces­si­ble for every­one by pro­duc­ing films shot on their mobile phones. Humad uses par­tic­i­pa­to­ry col­lab­o­ra­tive and autoethno­graph­ic film­mak­ing meth­ods in art activism to decolonise nar­ra­tive film­mak­ing when sto­ries are told by the BIPOC/Queer people them­selves. Queer dis­place­ments, kin­ship, and iden­ti­ty are research themes in the artist’s work. Humad’s debut film, HOME SWEET HOME, explores how queer people of Pak­istani origin relat­ed to the idea of ‘home’. It is a semi-autoethno­graph­ic, par­tic­i­pa­tive col­lab­o­ra­tive the­o­ret­i­cal and media project. 

The Work­shop will be held in English.


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