(Жизнь Иванны Яптунэ / Zhizn Ivanny))

Renato Borrayo Serrano
Estonia, Finland, Norway, Russia 2021 | 79 Min. | engl. subtitled

Sat, 13-May-23 01:30 PM

Sat, 20-May-23 07:15 PM
Q&A with:
Renato Borrayo Serrano
Ener­getic Ivanna lives with five chil­dren in a tiny sled car. She belongs to the nomadic Nenets, who breed rein­deer in the Arctic tundra. It is a rough but also … read more


Louis Hothothot
China, Netherlands 2021 | 112 Min. | engl. subtitled

Sat, 13-May-23 04:00 PM
Q&A with:
Louis Hothothot
Louis Hothothot was born as an ille­gal second child in China, his par­ents got severe­ly pun­ished and had to cope with bitter con­se­quences. After stay­ing for years abroad, the film­mak­er … read more


Shaunak Sen
India 2022 | 91 Min. | engl. subtitled

Sat, 13-May-23 07:30 PM

Thu, 18-May-23 10:00 PM
Q&A via zoom with:
Ben Bernhard, Shaunak Sen
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Some days, the black kites lit­er­al­ly drop from the sky—the air pol­lu­tion in Delhi, India, can be so intense that flocks of the birds fall to earth. If they’re lucky, they’ll find them­selves in the care of Nadeem and Saud, two heroic broth­ers who are con­cerned about the ani­mals’ wel­fare. They’ve set up an impro­vised sanc­tu­ary for birds of prey, where they treat the ani­mals, feed them until they can fly again. 

There is no false opti­mism here. The broth­ers are some­times down­cast about the point­less­ness of their efforts, but doing noth­ing is not an option. Against the back­drop of grow­ing ten­sions that make the sit­u­a­tion increas­ing­ly desperate—particularly for the Muslim minor­i­ty to which the broth­ers belong—there is hope to be had from the simple fact that there are people who do care. (Idfa)  

SHAUNAK SEN (*1987 in India) His debut film CITIES OF SLEEP was already screened at Film­fo­rum 2017. ALL THAT BREATHES was nom­i­nat­ed for an Oscar and won numer­ous awards at Cannes and Sun­dance Film Fes­ti­val among others.  

Direc­tor: Shau­nak Sen
Cin­e­matog­ra­phy: Ben Bern­hard, Riju Das, Saumayan­da Sahi
Edit­ing: Char­lotte Munch Bengtsen
Music: Roger Goula
Pro­duced by: Rise Films, Kit­er­ab­bit Films
Dis­tri­b­u­tion: The Film Collaborative


Brenda Akele Jorde
Germany, Mozambique, South Africa 2022 | 89 Min. | engl. subtitled

Sat, 13-May-23 10:00 PM
Q&A via Zoom with:
Brenda Akele Jorde
THE HOMES WE CARRY por­trays a family torn apart by the tur­moil of world his­to­ry between Ger­many, Mozam­bique and South Africa. At the centre is Sarah, a young Afro-German mother. … read more