Shirley van der Maarel
Netherlands 2019 | 30 min
Wed, 12-May-21 02:00 PM
On demand: May 6-16th
Q&A via Zoom with:
Shirley van der Maarel
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All over Europe, refugees are being housed in almost aban­doned vil­lages; this is cheap and is intend­ed to coun­ter­act the rural exodus. But how to feel home in a place that others want to leave? TERRA INCOGNITA is part of anthro­pol­o­gist Shirley van der Maarel’s artis­tic research project in the remote Valle di Comino. We meet var­i­ous inhab­i­tants, chil­dren and adults, from Asia and Africa, and also the locals of Valle di Comino, who alto­geth­er, with their multi-facetted back­grounds, gen­er­ate a new life in this half-empty place. TERRA INCOGNITA is more than a doc­u­men­tary, it´s a glimpse into an absurd reality.

Direc­tor, script, cin­e­matog­ra­phy: Shirley van der Maarel
Sound design: Olivi­er Terpstra
Con­tact: hello@shirleyvandermaarel.com
Research project: www.land-unknown.eu