Sandhya Suri
Great Britain 2002 | 29 Min. | BetaSP, OF

SAFAR is a tale of the Asian Dias­po­ra. It is a moving account of a man’s dream to reset­tle in his native India after a period of almost 40 years in Eng­land and his med­i­ta­tion, in old age, of how he came to lose his home. Yash Pal Suri arrived in Britain in the mid six­ties as a young doctor, hoping to gain fur­ther qual­i­fi­ca­tions and return home to a better life in India a few years later. How­ev­er, a few years soon turned into many. Unique­ly, he metic­u­lous­ly doc­u­ment­ed his chang­ing expe­ri­ences of emi­gra­tion in the form of Super 8 movies and audio com­men­taries, which he would send to his rel­a­tives back in India. They in turn would respond with their own ‘cine-let­ters’, prompt­ing Yash to tell more about his life abroad.