Davide Provolo, Giovanni Benini
Italy 2020 | 64 min
Fri, 14-May-21 11:00 AM
On demand: May 6-16th
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Davide Provole, Giovanni Benini

This doc­u­men­tary invites us on a spe­cial jour­ney into the tac­i­turn uni­vers­es of autism. We dive deep into it as we get close to a group of teenagers living in a dis­tant autism care insti­tu­tion in some Ital­ian foothills. Togeth­er with Мах, Geor­gia and other young­sters, we dis­cov­er their dreams, their blos­som­ing youth and become wit­ness­es to the devel­op­ment of their first intimacies.

A very atten­tive and patient camera as well as sen­si­tive musi­cal sound­scapes intend on an immer­sive approach to bring us closer to the inner worlds of the young pro­tag­o­nists. Apart from being very sen­so­ry and giving insights into the world of autism, MARANA touch­es on much of the uneasy topic of ethics in doc­u­men­tary work and ques­tions its boundaries.

Direc­tor, cin­e­matog­ra­phy: Gio­van­ni Benini, Davide Provolo
Sound: Gio­van­ni Benini, Davide Pro­vo­lo, Matias Campaci
Edit­ing: Pier­pao­lo Filomeno
Music: Lite Orches­tra (Matias Cam­paci, Thomas Pizzini)
Sound edit­ing: Ludovic Van Pachterbeke
Sound mix: Samuele Tezza
Col­or­grad­ing: Ste­fano Bellamoli
Pro­duc­tion: Ginevra Gadioli