Pïrinop, My first Contact

Karané Txicão, Mari Côrea
Brazil 2007 | 80 Min. | miniDV, OmeU

The Amer­i­c­as “first con­tact” is widely rec­og­nized as having occurred in 1492. For the Ikpeng indige­nous people in Brazil, first con­tact was a doc­u­ment­ed event that occurred in Octo­ber 1964 and even­tu­al­ly led to the relo­ca­tion of the Ikpeng people to the Xingu park in Brazil, far from their tra­di­tion­al ter­ri­to­ry. With spell­bind­ing footage from the actual event and per­son­al accounts of first impres­sions, this com­pelling doc­u­men­tary offers a rare glimpse into that his­toric event from the indige­nous point of view and cap­tures the incred­i­ble impact that con­tact had on the lives of the Ikpeng people and how it con­tin­ues to affect them to this day.