How To: Edition 2021

Here you will find detailed infor­ma­tion per­tain­ing to what has changed for this year’s edi­tion and how the fes­ti­val works online.

We are look­ing for­ward to seeing you all!


2021 Freiburger Film Forum Edition: Livestream & Video on Demand

How does the Freiburger Film Forum 2021 work?

Due to the current situation caused by COVID 19, the entire festival program will be run exclusively online this year. For the 2021 edition, there are two different ways to participate in the festival online.

As the forum character— the collective exchange and experience— remains a central aspect also of the online version, all films and film discussions can be live streamed online at fixed dates and times. For the livestream, all viewers will have the opportunity to participate in the live film discussion via Zoom.

Secondly, all films can be viewed On Demand for the entire duration of the festival from May 6th to the 16th.

All tickets can be purchased through the film & ticket portal

How does the streaming work at the Freiburger Film Forum?

On our homepage you will find the entire festival program with detailed information on the individual events, as well as an overview of the livestream dates when films will be screened. After the livestream the audience will have the possibility to take part in a post-film discussion via Zoom. On the site for each film, the "Ticket" button will take you to the film & ticket portal, where you can buy the ticket for the film.

Before you can buy a ticket, you must log on to to register. You can then decide whether you would like to view the film during the livestream or at any time as On Demand.

When can I see which films?

Via the livestream, you can watch the following films at the fixed dates and times with the possibility to participate in the film discussion via Zoom. You can find more information about the possibility to participate in the film discussion under the point "Film discussion via Zoom". You can also watch the film On Demand during the entire festival period May 6th-16th. Any variations are indicated, as are access limits for some films.

I am having problems with registration or streaming - what can I do?

Many answers to your questions can be found in the FAQ at

Here is also a little video for help

If you don't find a solution under the FAQ, please contact our support:


Where can I buy tickets for the festival?

You can buy the tickets for all films and events on our film and ticket portal Just click on Ticket on the respective page of the film and you will be redirected to the portal.

What are the options and how much do they cost?

There are the following ticket options:

Single ticket 5,- €

Single ticket with Friends 15,- €*

Festival ticket  40,- €**

Festival Pass reduced 30,- ***


*ticket for groups of 3 or more people who stream the film together

** with the festival ticket you have access to all films and the accompanying program. And also access to Discord server

*** reduced festival pass for students, ALG II, social assistance, basic security or benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz) etc.


How exactly does the purchase of a ticket for online streaming work?

First create a user account on our film and ticket portal . After successful registration you will find the program overview, which will lead you to the individual films. On the film pages you will find the available tickets. Now select the ticket you would like to buy. Then the payment form will open and as means of payment, you can use PayPal or credit card. Please choose one of them and carry out the payment process. After your payment you will receive a confirmation by email.

How can I pay for my ticket?

You can pay by credit card, giropay, PayPal or instant bank transfer.

Q&A via Zoom

The film discussion will take place on Zoom. Do I have to log in to Zoom?

Not necessarily. To follow along with the film talk, you can simply stay in the livestream where you watched the film. You do not need to do anything else. If you would like to ask a question or actively participate, however, you will need to log in to Zoom. The Zoom link will be in the purchase confirmation email you will have received.

I want to actively participate in the film conversation. What do I need to do?

To be able to actively participate in the live stream via Zoom, you need to register for Zoom. You will find a Zoom link in the purchase confirmation email you will have received. Please click on this link and follow the instructions. You will be taken to the virtual Zoom room where the film talk will take place.

How does a film talk on Zoom work? What do I need to know?

For your information, when you enter the Zoom room, all participants will be automatically muted. This is done to reduce background noise and feedback and make for a pleasant space for everyone. You can activate the microphone by clicking on the microphone icon in the lower left corner. You can also decide if you want to be visible to everyone and activate the camera.

How can I ask a question during a Zoom call?

There are two ways: You can write a question in the chat. You can find the chat button in the center of the bottom of the screen. Your question will be noted by the moderator and then asked to the guest. If you want to ask a question with your own contribution, select the "Raise Hand" function via the "Reactions" option at the bottom right. If you do not have this option on your device, please write in the chat that you have a question. The moderator will then be able to see that you would like to ask a question. Please wait to be addressed by the moderator.

The Zoom film conversation will be recorded— what does that mean for me?

The Zoom film talk will be streamed and simultaneously recorded so that it can be subsequently published on the Kommunales Kino website (accessible worldwide). The participants in the film discussion will need to agree to this.


How can I reach the support team?

We can be reached for urgent questions and problems:
Phone numbers: +49 (0)761 459800 -12


Support times

Before the festival (03 - 05 May)
Mon. - Fri. 10:00 - 18:00

During the festival (06 - 16 May)
daily 10:00 - 22:00

In order to be able to help you as quickly as possible, it is helpful for us to have a precise indication of the problem. Please send us a screenshot directly in an email, tell us your terminal device and the browser you are using.