David Vázquez
Spain 2022 | 29 Min. | engl. subtitled

Wed, 17-May-23 10:30 AM
Q&A with:
David Vázquez (via Zoom), Rajat Nayyar (EFC), Rana El Kadi (EFC)
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After lead­ing a stu­dent life in Pon­fer­ra­da, the 24-year-old Edil­ber­to Rodríguez decides to return to the moun­tains and ded­i­cate him­self to herd­ing a herd of goats. With the memory of his grand­par­ents very present, “the last of Arga­neo” tells the story of a young shep­herd proud of the her­itage of his ances­tors, and who claims the tra­di­tions of unin­hab­it­ed places and the mem­o­ries of a way of life on the brink of extinc­tion. 

David Vázquez has worked as a sound and camera tech­ni­cian at TV sta­tions. In 1998 he co-found­ed Chan­ta­da Comu­ni­cación, one of the first local TV in Gali­cia. Films a.o. AS ALMAS DO FENTAL (2009); ASOLAGOS (2013); NAROTE (2019). 

Direc­tor, edit­ing: David Vázquez
Cin­e­matog­ra­phy: Hum­ber­to Novoa, David Vázquez