Serious Apparitions

Viktor Brim
Germany, Iran 2015 | 25 Min. | OF

Machines move slowly across the land­scape, smoke stacks grad­u­al­ly change their shape, trains roll smooth­ly through the image. Not much is hap­pen­ing in SERIOUS APPARITIONS and still some­thing is taking place. The pho­to­graph­ic images and their min­i­mal alter­ation gen­er­ate a sense of time in con­trast to the indus­tri­al rhythm of the machines. At the same time the land­scape is vis­i­ble as tech­no­log­i­cal­ly tex­tured and spa­tial­ly frag­ment­ed and is pre­sent­ed to the viewer as an aes­thet­ic, sculp­tur­al object.