Karim Sayad
82 min
Sun, 09-May-21 09:00 PM
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Karim Sayad
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Fahed wants to change his life. It’s been almost twenty years that he left Alge­ria. At the time he was full of hope when he arrived at the British sea­port of Grims­by, which was long past its heyday. His dream of pros­per­i­ty evap­o­rat­ed. In order to sur­vive finan­cial­ly he works two jobs in a 50 hour week. It’s true that he now has a res­i­dence permit and leads a well-inte­grat­ed life in a work­ers’ flat share, but now, at middle age, he longs to go back to his Alger­ian home, in order to be closer to his mother. And he has mar­riage plans! But will Fahed manage to settle back in there and find his role after such a long absence? His family don’t quite believe his inten­tions to return and tease him because his engage­ment remains a mys­tery. He has prob­a­bly gotten too used to the British men­tal­i­ty, an aunt assumes.

So where is Fahed’s home now? Unprej­u­diced and with an eye for humor­ous details, Karim Sayad fol­lows his tac­i­turn cousin’s dither­ing back and forth. A film about per­son­al and not least social turn­ing points, because in the back­ground the two coun­tries Eng­land and Alge­ria are moving towards polit­i­cal upheavals. (Annina Wettstein)

Karim Sayad was born in Lau­sanne in 1984 to an Alger­ian father and a Swiss mother. After study­ing Inter­na­tion­al Rela­tions he became a doc­u­men­tary film­mak­er. His first short BABOR CASANOVA (2016) won awards at mul­ti­ple inter­na­tion­al fes­ti­vals. He went on with his fea­ture debut OF SHEEP AND MEN (2017) about young men in Algiers who focus on rais­ing rams to escape from precarity.

Direc­tor: Karim Sayad
Cin­e­matog­ra­phy: Patrick Tresch
Edit­ing: Naïma Bachiri
Sound: Miguel A. Dias
Pro­duc­tion: Close Up Films
Dis­tri­b­u­tion: Fil­mo­tor, Prag,