Jean Paul Colleyn
France 1997 | 57 Min. | BetaSP, OmeU
Q&A with: Jean Paul Colleyn

Wrapped in their long boubous, car­ry­ing huge striped plas­tic bags, Sene­galese streetven­dors have become a common sight in big cities all over the world. From Dakar to Mar­seille, from Antwer­pen to New York and Milan they are the nomadic actors of a com­mer­cial dias­po­ra. Most of them are Mourids, mem­bers of a Sene­galese Sufi fel­low­ship, who are known for their strong faith and their strict work­ing ethics. An unswerv­ing sol­i­dar­i­ty amongst the group allows them to adapt to new sit­u­a­tions in for­eign places.