Francesco Uboldi
Camerun, Italy 2006 | 8 Min. | BetaSP, OmeU

Cameroon, 2005. A man is seized, dragged to a seclud­ed loca­tion, tied to a tree, and left to suffer a tor­tur­ous death by star­va­tion accord­ing to the pre­cepts of local vil­lage jus­tice. The unwrit­ten charges against him include: invo­ca­tion of evil spir­its, prac­tic­ing black magic against other vil­lagers and social­ly unac­cept­able behav­iour. Who is the pros­e­cu­tor and who is the judge? In his barely 10-minute-long depic­tion of this com­plex sit­u­a­tion, the film’s direc­tor leaves many ques­tions unan­swered, includ­ing some that leave his own behav­iour oppo­site the events open to crit­i­cism. Film­ing a soci­etal outcast’s last hours of life, accept­ing the unjust demise of anoth­er indi­vid­ual with­out attempt­ing to inter­vene, and then offer­ing these filmed images to the public – such actions can only lead to heated debate, and right­ful­ly so.