Asghar Farhadi
France, Iran 2009 | 115 Min. | 35 mm, OmU

With the return of their friend Ahmad from Ger­many, a group of old col­lege pals (two mar­ried cou­ples and a broth­er and sister, along with three young kids) decide to reunite for a week­end outing by the Caspi­an Sea. The fun starts right away as they quick­ly catch on to the plan of lively Sepi­deh, who has brought along Elly, her daugh­ter’s kinder­garten teacher, in hopes of set­ting her up with recent­ly divorced Ahmad. But seem­ing­ly triv­ial lies, which start accu­mu­lat­ing from the moment the group arrives at the seashore, sud­den­ly swing round and come back full force when Elly dis­ap­pears in a trou­bling incident.