At the Crossroads

Savyasachi Anju Prabir
India 2017 | 48 min | engl. subtitled

Tue, 28-May-19 01:00 PM

Sun, 02-Jun-19 03:30 PM
Q&A with:
Savyasachi Anju Prabir

Nes­tled in the Himalayan range in Uttarak­hand, India, the town of Kalap may soon have a road suit­able for motor­ized vehi­cles. Until then, the vil­lage con­tin­ues to be 10-kilo­me­ter walk uphill from the near­est road. The film delves into the lives of the people of Kalap, who for gen­er­a­tions have been nego­ti­at­ing their own path for sus­tain­able living, and Kot­gaon, a town which is already con­nect­ed with a pass­able road. Will easy access to the world beyond bring a grad­ual shift in social and cul­tur­al values across gen­er­a­tions? KAHAN KA RAASTA is an immer­sive jour­ney through time and space into the every­day real­i­ty of Kalap and Kot­gaon. It tran­spires at the pace of vil­lage life and unveils its many facets.