The World is Like That

Fernand Melgar
Switzerland 2013 | 61 Min. | OmU

THE WORLD IS LIKE THAT explores the des­tiny of five of the pro­tag­o­nists in the film SPECIAL FLIGHT after being deport­ed from Switzer­land. Being paper­less migrants, they were uproot­ed from their host coun­try and torn away from their wives and chil­dren. Back in Sene­gal, Kosovo, Gambia and Cameroon, they found them­selves total­ly des­ti­tute, exclud­ed from their fam­i­lies and some­times even tor­tured. This film is an inti­mate por­trait of these broken men bear­ing wit­ness to the bru­tal­i­ty of the migra­tion policy in Switzer­land and in Europe.