Iman Behrouzi
Germany 2021 | 13 Min. | engl. subtitled

Mon, 15-May-23 07:30 PM
Q&A with:
Iman Behrouzi

Two sets of cir­cum­stances bound 367 stu­dents to their 25-storey uni­ver­si­ty dorm rooms in Ger­many. The first being the lock­down from the world­wide COVID crisis. And the second, the ren­o­va­tions of their dorm rooms that the lock­down had brought to an unfin­ished abrupt halt. From the out­side, their build­ing might well be aban­doned, except for a piece of fabric cov­er­ing it to con­tain debris in place. From the inside, Iran­ian film­mak­er Iman Behrouzi, as one of the 367, explores the dif­fer­ent ways this piece of fabric with a little gap here, a little fold there, and a little lift­ing from the wind in anoth­er part, gives the stu­dents tiny glimpses into the world out­side. What does a slice of a view mean when one has been cut off from the out­side world?