Little Short Film

This LITTLE SHORT FILM is an exper­i­men­tal auto-ethno­graph­i­cal ani­ma­tion based on a con­ver­sa­tion between the direc­tor and her mother. The short film impli­cates Euro­pean his­to­ry, war and regret. LITTLE SHORT FILM was screened as part of the Chan­tal Aker­man ret­ro­spec­tive in London Octo­ber 2014. (JW3)


We con­sist of frag­ment­ed infor­ma­tion, frag­ment­ed sto­ries. What parts of us derive from our ances­tors? Do we repeat their pat­terns? What is left of our family his­to­ry? Their sto­ries are gone in a moment, in a wink of an eye. Could our roots be lost, or are they only hidden? UP-ROOTED is an exper­i­men­tal sen­so­ry ethnog­ra­phy with super-8 film that touch­es on three young women’s rela­tion­ship with migra­tion and ancestry.