Trans-Cutucú - Zurück in den Urwald

Lisa Faessler
Ecuador 2009 | 89 Min. | DVD, OmeU

The moun­tain massif of Cutucú in the south of the Amazon region in Ecuador was a kind of defense against the envi­ron­men­tal destruc­tion for the native pop­u­la­tion but in the same time an obsta­cle. The people had no access to the modern world out­side. The road through the Cutucú now allows mobil­i­ty in order to exploit the fossil resources but it grants the natives a way to reach the so called civ­i­lized world. The process hap­pens in an unspec­tac­u­lar way. Where the progress start­ed it cannot be stopped any­more: Exca­vat­ing, dig­ging, shov­el­ling, grub­bing, sell­ing and buying: every­day mad­ness. Excerpts from the film «Shuar, People of the Sacred Water­falls» (1986) recall us, how in the tra­di­tion­al cul­ture of the Shuar nature was an inte­grat­ed part of life and mobil­i­ty was achieved in the hal­lu­cino­genic ecsta­sy with no bounds. Today the natives are trans­port­ing wooden boards with horses to civ­i­liza­tion. Wood is the fastest busi­ness, other prod­ucts must first be cre­at­ed. Now the jungle dis­ap­pears in every­day madness.