Sebastian Eschenbach
Great Britain 1995 | 25 Min. | OmU, S-VHS

Robert Fla­her­ty’ film MAN OF ARAN (1934) is among the first ethno­graph­ic doc­u­men­taries. LOOKING FOR THE MAN OF ARAN inves­ti­gates how the Aran Islanders deal with Flaherty’s rep­re­sen­ta­tion of them­selves. What do they think about the film today? How do they remem­ber the film­ing and Robert Fla­her­ty as a person? Robert Fla­her­ty put Aran on the map. Nowa­days, 60 years later, Aran is one of the main tourist attrac­tions on the West Coast of Ire­land. How do the Aran Islanders use the image of Fla­her­ty cre­at­ed of the island nowa­days in mass tourism?