Stéphane Breton
France 2003 | 62 Min. | BetaSP, OmeU
Q&A with: Stéphane Breton

Told by a sort of inti­mate voice, the film is the nar­ra­tive of eth­nol­o­gist Stéphane Breton’s last trip to a small coun­try in the New Guinea high­lands, where he used to go reg­u­lar­ly and where the cir­cum­stances now pre­vent him to go back. A nos­tal­gic nar­ra­tive on the poetry of small things, very dif­fer­ent from ethno­graph­ic or exotic trav­el­ogues. “I went to New Guinea to live a double life; keep­ing my narrow, wage-earn­ing life, and living anoth­er one down there, where days grow end­less­ly longer, empty, dotted with changes in the sky, whose expres­sion reminds a face. Those days’ length has noth­ing to do with ours; people there spend their time watch­ing it drip­ping as from a tap…” (Stéphane Breton)