Dominique Gallois, Vincent Carelli
Brazil 1993 | 22 Min. | OmeU, Video

Both groups of indi­ge­neous brasil­ians, the Waiãpi and the Zo’e, belong to the Tupi lan­guage family and share quite a bit of their tra­di­tions. But while the Waiãpi have been living in close con­tact with white people for the last twenty years, the Zo’é are about to make their first expe­ri­ences with them. In the con­text of the »Video in the Vil­lages« project by the »Centro de Tra­bal­ho Indi­genista« the Waiãpi have »met« the Zo’é through video. 

They rec­og­nized their lifestile as being sim­i­lar to what oral his­to­ry tells them about the life of their own ances­tors. Waiwai, chief of the Waiãpi has been vis­it­ing the Zo’é togeth­er with a small filmcrew. 

In MEETING THE ANCESTORS Waiwai tells his own people about his expe­ri­ences on the trip and he com­ments the video sequences shot with the Zo’é.