Tehran Derby

Simon Ostermann
Germany, Iran 2016 | 20 Min. | OmeU
Q&A with:
Simon Ostermann
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Red or blue? Estegh­lal and Per­spo­lis are rival­ing foot­ball clubs in Iran. Mil­lions of fans come to Tehran to sup­port their team at the derby. Both sides have their lead fans, Abbas Esmail­beg­gi and Moham­mad Ghase­mi, who are respon­si­ble for the fan sup­port as well as their actions: “We come from the fan block. We weren’t born as lead­ers.” For them it is a great honor to serve their team, and foot­ball is an essen­tial part of their lives. This being a male domain, Abbas keeps one wish though: to take his daugh­ter with him to the arena one day.