Ruth Walk
Israel 1998 | 52 Min. | BetaSP, OmeU

Pinkas, a 75-years old agri­cul­tur­al worker from Moshav Rehov in the Beit Sh’an Valley, wakes up one morn­ing trou­bled by a dream in which his sister Simha has appeared. When he immi­grat­ed to Israel 50 years ago, she remained in Kur­dis­tan and he hasn’t seen her since. His dream leaves him no peace and so Pinkas sets out on a long jour­ney to the place of his birth. In a remote vil­lage in the moun­tains of Kur­dis­tan he does find his long-lost sister and her Muslim husband. 

On the spot, Pinkas decides to bring the extend­ed family to Israel. And so begins an ‘aliyah’ and absorp­tion process orga­nized by one man. Pinkas finds new pur­pose in life and he mobi­lizes all his ener­gies on behalf of his newly dis­cov­ered family. He some­how man­ages to bring fifty mem­bers of his family to Israel, and to house them in var­i­ous vil­lages in the area. Each day he takes his trac­tor to check on every­one. As time passes, the harsh real­i­ty of the dif­fi­cul­ties of adapt­ing, of being Mus­lims in a Jewish coun­try, of their long­ings for their remote vil­lage in Kur­dis­tan, become apparent.