Thi-Hien Mai, Tim Ellrich
Germany 2020 | 70 min
Fri, 14-May-21 04:00 PM
On demand: May 6-16th
Q&A via Zoom with:
Thi-Hien Mai, Tim Ellrich
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The Viet­namese couple Bay and Tam have lived in Ger­many for 30 years. With little con­tact to others in the German soci­ety, the two work in empty offices as clean­ers. Through Skype and online chat rooms, they have main­tained their own Viet­nam in their apart­ment in Munich. But the lim­i­ta­tion of this world becomes appar­ent when Bay´s and Tam’s house in Viet­nam is destroyed by a storm and a family member lies on her deathbed in their former home­land. The ques­tion whether they ever really arrived in Ger­many becomes appar­ent. While Bay sees her future clear­ly with her grand­chil­dren in Ger­many, it becomes increas­ing­ly impor­tant for Tam to return to phys­i­cal Viet­nam. A film about the dif­fi­cul­ty of living in two places at once, and the ques­tion of how this dual­i­ty affects mar­riage, family, and sense of belonging.

Direc­tors: Tim Ell­rich, Thi-Hien Mai
Cin­e­matog­ra­phy: Tim Ellrich
Pro­duc­er: Leopold Pape
Sound: Leopold Pape, Tim Ell­rich, Marco Schnebel, Volker Armbruster
Edit­ing: Tobias Wilhelmer
Pro­duc­tion: Fil­makademie Baden-Würt­tem­berg, Coro­n­a­do Film