Just the Wind

Bence Fliegauf
Hungary 2012 | 87 Min. | OmeU
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News quick­ly spreads of the murder of a Romany family in a Hun­gar­i­an vil­lage. The per­pe­tra­tors have escaped and nobody claims to know who might have com­mit­ted the crime. For anoth­er Romany family living close by, the murder only serves to con­firm their latent, care­ful­ly repressed fears. Far away in Canada the head of the family decides that his wife, chil­dren and their grand­fa­ther must join him as soon as pos­si­ble. Living in fear of the racist terror that sur­rounds them and feel­ing aban­doned by the silent major­i­ty, the family tries to get through the day after the attack. By night­fall, when dark­ness descends on the vil­lage, the family pushes the beds closer togeth­er than usual. Yet their hope of escap­ing the mad­ness proves illu­so­ry. Based on an actual series of killings in Hun­gary that claimed the lives of eight people in less than a year, Bence Flie­gauf por­trays the pogrom-like atmos­phere which breeds such vio­lence. The camera stays hot on the heels of the pro­tag­o­nists, making the breath­less esca­la­tion of events phys­i­cal­ly palpable.