Austria 1994-2006 | 94 Min. | BetaSP, OmU

A family tale – ordi­nary, crazy and excep­tion­al at the same time. A film about exile and home, about par­ents, grand­par­ents, sib­lings and all the other close and dis­tant rela­tions of an Iran­ian extend­ed family. Some of its mem­bers have emi­grat­ed to Europe and the US, the major­i­ty has remained in Iran. Despite diverse obsta­cles and dan­gers a family reunion is organ­ised after 20 years, in a place that will not raise the sus­pi­cion of Iran­ian author­i­ties: Mecca. Family mem­bers come from the US, Sweden, Aus­tria and Iran and there is a lot of laugh­ter, dis­pute, cook­ing and feast­ing; there is an abun­dance of hugs and kisses but also a clash of Muslim and West­ern cul­tures and norms. A heart­warm­ing film – laugh­ter and tears are guaranteed.