Florencia Aliberti
Spain 2017 | 14 Min. | OF
» Trailer

Am I pretty?” When asked online, this banal ques­tion opens up a loop of found- footage videos uploaded by teenagers all over the world on the inter­net. Though the iden­ti­cal dra­matur­gy of dozens of these videos put togeth­er seems amus­ing at first sight, it inten­si­fies the impres­sion of a deeply alien­at­ed mode of self-expo­si­tion defined by the spe­cif­ic aes­thet­ics of tuto­ri­als, online diaries and con­fes­sion­al videos. While repet­i­tive in genre codes, this mash-up is no longer the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of indi­vid­ual sto­ries, but gives a con­densed pic­ture of cur­rent prac­tices of self-expo­si­tion, juve­nile inse­cu­ri­ty and the need for per­ma­nent recog­ni­tion in the Web 2.0.