Nunavut Serie, part 9

Zacharias Kunuk
Nunavut 1995 | 30 Min. | BetaSP, OmeU

Igloo­lik, Summer 1946. The dis­tant sound of the atooka­tooka­took, the first gas engine to arrive in Igloo­lik, brings a sur­prise vis­i­tor to Qaisut, island of the walrus hunters. The Priest arrives to study Inuit life, to dig in the ancient ruins and to see the hunt. When it’s time to go hunt­ing, Inuaraq thinks the Priest will bring bad luck but Quli­ta­lik final­ly gives in. Out in the open water, cut­ting up walrus on an ice floe, Inuaraq’s pre­dic­tion almost comes true.