Inter­ac­tive Doc­u­men­tary

No Eng­lish trans­la­tion avail­able.

Gaza / Sderot - Life In Spite of Everything

This online doc­u­men­tary project reports on the day-to-day expe­ri­ences of men, women and chil­dren on both sides of the Pales­tin­ian-Israeli border, in Gaza (Pales­tine) and Sderot (Israel). Under dif­fi­cult living con­di­tions and the threat of air attacks and bomb­ings, people do keep on work­ing, loving and dream­ing. Life in spite of every­thing.

In order to doc­u­ment this will to live, short chron­i­cles (2 min­utes each) are shot by both Israeli and Pales­tin­ian teams, day after day for two months, and placed on the site. These short sto­ries follow six char­ac­ters from each coun­try and every week there is a new story of each char­ac­ter. The sto­ries are aired via the Inter­net and users have a per­son­al, inter­ac­tive and non-linear access to these con­tents on the site ARTE France which will include the videos, blogs, forums, links etc.

Alma - a Child of Violence

I was fif­teen when I wanted to join a gang.” And to join the gang, Alma had to commit murder - there were no two ways about it. For five years, Alma was a member of the Maras, one of the most vio­lent gangs in Guatemala. Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Miquel Dew­ev­er-Plana and jour­nal­ist Isabelle Fougère allow Alma to tell her story on var­i­ous plat­forms. In the inter­ac­tive web ver­sion the user has the option to switch back and forth between two image streams, pre­sent­ed one above the other. The bottom screen shows Alma against a black back­ground, telling her story - from her ini­ti­a­tion to her vio­lent strug­gle to leave the gang. The second screen, which is accom­pa­nied by an immer­sive sound mix, con­tex­tu­al­izes Alma’s story (which con­tin­ues in voice-over) through Dew­ev­er-Plana’s pho­tographs and draw­ings by Hugues Mìcal.