Panel: Future-making Methodologies

Jared Epp, Johannes Sjöberg, Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston, Rajat Nayyar, Rana El Kadi

Thu, 18-May-23 10:30 AM

Rajat Nayyar is an anthro­pol­o­gist and film­mak­er who is cur­rent­ly a SSHRC Vanier Schol­ar and a PhD Can­di­date in The­ater at York Uni­ver­si­ty. He is the co-founder of Emer­gent Futures CoLab (EFC) through which he curates Talk­ing Uncer­tain­ty, an online talk series/podcast that fea­tures future-focussed schol­ars and artists from around the world. He is also the cur­rent con­venor of Futures Anthro­pol­o­gy Net­work of Euro­pean Asso­ci­a­tion of Social Anthro­pol­o­gists (EASA) and a co-editor of the Per­for­mance Ethnog­ra­phy sec­tion of Centre for Imag­i­na­tive Ethnog­ra­phy (CIE). His recent arti­cle ‘Gran­u­lar Activisms’ was pub­lished in the fall 2022 issue Visual Anthro­pol­o­gy Review (VAR).

Rana El Kadi holds a PhD in Eth­no­mu­si­col­o­gy from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Alber­ta, Canada. She is a Lec­tur­er and Research Asso­ciate with the Toron­to Met­ro­pol­i­tan University’s School of Dis­abil­i­ty Stud­ies and an Adjunct Pro­fes­sor at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Guelph, affil­i­at­ed with Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Jus­tice. Rana is also Co-Founder and Cura­tor at Emer­gent Futures CoLab (EFC). Her research inter­ests lie in mad/neurodivergent/disability arts, acces­si­bil­i­ty, imag­i­na­tive and mul­ti­modal ethnog­ra­phy, rad­i­cal research ethics, and cripped research method­olo­gies and ped­a­go­gies. Rana is cur­rent­ly Co-Inves­ti­ga­tor on a SSHRC Insight Devel­op­ment Grant on access in the arts and a SSHRC Part­ner­ship Engage Grant on devel­op­men­tal­ly dis­abled people’s expe­ri­ences of neu­ro­di­ver­gence and their artis­tic com­mu­ni­ties of prac­tice within and in the after­life of institutions.

Mag­dale­na Kazubows­ki-Hous­ton  is an anthro­pol­o­gist, per­for­mance the­o­rist, the­atre direc­tor and play­wright. She is a Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor of The­atre, lec­tur­ing The­atre & Per­for­mance Stud­ies and Social Anthro­pol­o­gy at York Uni­ver­si­ty. Her research inter­ests include per­for­mance ethnog­ra­phy, ethno­graph­ic sto­ry­telling, ethno­graph­ic (non)fiction, mul­ti­modal ethnog­ra­phy, phys­i­cal and polit­i­cal the­atre and per­for­mance. She is a Co-Cura­tor of the Centre for Imag­i­na­tive Ethnog­ra­phy (CIE).

Jared Epp is a PhD Can­di­date in social anthro­pol­o­gy from Car­leton Uni­ver­si­ty in Ottawa, Canada. His research focus­es on the inter­sec­tion of place, imag­i­na­tion and pre­car­i­ty in a Cana­di­an urban con­text. He is cur­rent­ly based in Edmon­ton, Canada, fin­ish­ing his dis­ser­ta­tion and work­ing as a com­mu­ni­ty arts facil­i­ta­tor with indi­vid­u­als living unhoused and/or with a con­cur­rence of mental health bar­ri­ers and addictions.