War and Flight

Callshop Istanbul

Hind Benchekroun, Sami Mermer
Canada 2016 | 98 Min. | OmeU
Istan­bul is the bridge­head between Europe and Asia and the entrance for trav­el­ers, refugees, and people seek­ing hap­pi­ness from all over the world. Just as their jour­ney brings them here, … read more

Stranger in Paradise

Guido Hendrikx
Netherlands 2016 | 77 Min.
This is a semi-doc­u­men­tary film in three acts. Three groups of refugees sit facing a teacher in a class­room. The teacher is an actor, but the class is made up … read more

The War Show

Andreas Dalsgaard, Obaidah Zytoon
Finland, Syria 2016 | 104 Min. | OmeU
In her live radio show Obaidah Zytoon plays the sound of the Syrian rev­o­lu­tion. That’s how, in March 2011, her per­son­al jour­ney into the unknown start­ed, full of hope and … read more

Zaatari Djinn

Catherine van Campen
Netherlands 2016 | 90 Min.
A girl in a flow­ing dress with a dove stands above the roofs of a sprawl­ing city of tents. Where is Roost­er, Fatma’s best friend? Look, a bicy­cle is shin­ing … read more