Current Films

Café regular, Cairo

Ritesh Batra
Egypt, India 2011 | 11 Min. | OmU
A young Muslim couple sits in a café, talk­ing about the future of their rela­tion­ship for the first time and how pre­mar­i­tal sex could change it. The young woman wants … read more

Everybody in our Family

Radu Jude
Romania 2012 | 107 Min. | OmeU
There’s no way around it: modern man reacts to stress much like his stone-age fore­fa­thers, his phys­i­cal chem­istry decid­ing within sec­onds on fight or flight. Aside from the morn­ing hang­over, … read more

Sons of the Land
(Les Fils de la Terre)

Les Fils de la Terre

Edouard Bergeon
France | 87 Min. | OmeU
On a farm in the Pyre­nees, a few plain, func­tion­al build­ings, some pieces of equip­ment lying in the mud. In the cow barn, Sebastien Itard is hard at work. When … read more

The Virgin, the Copts and Me

Namir Abdel Messeeh
Egypt, France, Qatar 2012 | 85 Min. | OmU
Namir’s mother is a Coptic Chris­t­ian. She is con­vinced that she can see an appari­tion of the Virgin Mary on a video tape orig­i­nat­ing from her home in Egypt. Her … read more

Unity through Culture

Christian Suhr, Ton Otto
Baluan Island, Denmark 2012 | 58 Min. | OmeU

Soanin Kilan­git is deter­mined to unite the people and attract inter­na­tion­al tourism through the revival of cul­ture on Baluan Island in the South Pacif­ic. He orga­nizes the largest cul­tur­al fes­ti­val ever held on the island. But some tra­di­tion­al lead­ers argue that Baluan never had cul­ture. Cul­ture comes from the white man and is now destroy­ing their old tra­di­tion. Others, how­ev­er, take the fes­ti­val as a wel­come oppor­tu­ni­ty to revolt against ’70 years of cul­tur­al oppres­sion’ by Chris­tian­i­ty. A strug­gle to define the past, present and future of Baluan cul­ture erupts to the sound of thun­der­ing log drum rhythms.