Checks and Balances

Malek Bensmail
France 2015 | 97 Min. | OmeU
If you talk about the system of checks and bal­ances, or the sep­a­ra­tion of powers, in Alge­ria, you are imme­di­ate­ly stamped as a provo­ca­teur, says Malek Bens­maïl. Those who are … read more

(Fi rassi rond-point)

Hassen Ferhani
Algeria, France, Lebanon, Netherlands 2015 | 100 Min. | OmeU
A slaugh­ter­house in Algiers: Youssef and his friend work here mostly at night. They talk about their day­dreams of love, while load­ing bloody cow skins on a cart. In pre­cise­ly … read more