Withering House

Shreyas Dasharathe
India 2017 | 26 min | engl. subtitled
Tue, 28-May-19 01:00 PM
Sun, 02-Jun-19 03:30 PM
Q&A with: Shreyas Dasharathe

A house gives us a sense of belong­ing. It envelops us and pro­tects us. It is a symbol of the time, the cul­ture, and the beings that it inhab­its. A house has a unique iden­ti­ty, like a living, breath­ing being. Each house is dif­fer­ent, with its own perks and glitch­es. WITHERING HOUSE is an obser­va­tion­al piece about Maheshb­hai, Tarun­aben, Gan­patb­hai and their house. They have been living in a hun­dred-year-old house for the past 20 years in the heart of Ahmed­abad, but now they have decid­ed to move into a new apart­ment that was made avail­able to them under the Prime Minister’s Hous­ing Scheme. Are the chang­ing times and cir­cum­stances lead­ing towards a strange kind of uni­for­mi­ty under the shadow of ‘urban­ism’ and ‘devel­op­ment’? Or do tra­di­tion­al struc­tures fail to cater to our chang­ing needs?