Asivhanzhi 'Asi' Mathaba
South Africa 2004 | 52 Min. | DVD, OF

Solly Luvhen­go, a young man from deep rural Venda in the North­ern Province, has defied the odds to sur­vive pover­ty and mar­gin­al­i­sa­tion, and seems poised for even greater things. The only child of a single mother in rural Venda, sickly Solly was brought up by his grand­par­ents and nurses with a vision of becom­ing a soccer star. He turned his hand to coach­ing when a reg­u­lar coach could­n’t make a game, and found his niche coach­ing young­sters. When free­dom came for South Africa in 1994, Solly reaped the ben­e­fits. The new foot­ball dis­pen­sa­tion now search­es for talent beyond the bound­aries of the big cities, and black foot­ballers’ skills are final­ly being recog­nised. Solly is appoint­ed assis­tant nation­al coach for two South African teams and begins con­struc­tion in his home vil­lage on a new house for his girl­friend and extend­ed family. The dream appears com­plete but real­i­ty intrudes.