Sabah Jalloul
Germany 2019 | 10 min
Thu, 06-May-21 07:00 PM
On demand: 6-16th May
Q&A via zoom with:
Sabah Jalloul

Alia Reslan and Lebanese film­mak­er and friend Sabah Jal­loul meet short­ly before Alia’s visit to her father’s wed­ding in Lebanon. Over pack­ing suit­cas­es, an infor­mal con­ver­sa­tion about coming out, new­found free­dom and the fear of not being accept­ed for one’s own iden­ti­ty unfolds. SHEDDING SKIN IN LATE JUNE was made in just three days and yet man­ages to vivid­ly convey what return­ing to the small world of the home vil­lage means for Alia: inse­cu­ri­ties, excite­ment, self-posi­tion­ing. What remains impres­sive is Alia’s ease in free­ing her­self with small, provoca­tive steps despite con­strict­ing expec­ta­tions and in stand­ing by her own identity.

Direc­tor, script, cin­e­matog­ra­phy, edit­ing: Sabah Jalloul