Requecho, A Thousand Years Later

Umberto Zaco
Peru 2009 | 50 Min. | miniDV, OmeU

Los Uros, the people who for thou­sands of years have been living float­ing over the cold 43 waters of lake Tit­i­ca­ca, are upon the brink of dis­ap­pear­ing. A def­i­nite con­flict divides Uro people. Those who live closer the coast and depend on tourists for their liveli­hood, wish to adapt to the world that visit and pro­vide them with their daily bread. And those living on the other side do not want con­tact with out­siders and insist on living in accor­dance with their ances­tral cus­toms of hunt­ing, fish­ing and gath­er­ing. Mean­while, they are keep­ing a fight against the Peru­vian State that refus­es to rec­og­nize them like the owners of the “ter­ri­to­ry” where they have always dwelled. María is a cen­te­nar­i­an woman, the oldest set­tler in there, through her and some other set­tlers from both sides we reach a full panora­ma con­cern­ing Los Uros.