Simon Rittmeier
Germany, Rwanda 2022 | 13 Min. | engl. subtitled

Sun, 21-May-23 02:30 PM
Filmgespräch mit:
Simon Rittmeier

- “I can only describe it from what I’ve seen on tele­vi­sion. A huge pointy ele­ment that pierced the ground. And the earth around it… [makes ges­tures] fell every­where. Dis­turb­ing the peace, dis­turb­ing the status quo, the way things are.” 

KIBONUMWE / METEROITE by visual artist Simon Rittmeier is an unusu­al, exper­i­men­tal short film that explores the phe­nom­e­non of the mete­orite and raises epis­te­mo­log­i­cal ques­tions. How do we create our real­i­ty from the phe­nom­e­na of the world, where are the limits of the describ­able? 

This film will be screened simul­ta­ne­ous­ly at Unseen as part of our #Junction_Nairobi, fol­lowed by a shared discussion.