Carmen Castillo
France 1996 | 53 Min. | BetaSP, OmfU

Inca de Oro, a small town in north­ern Chile on the edge of the desert, exact­ly in line with the tropic of Capri­corn. Today, 600 towns people still earn their living from gold. The film por­trays the life of these latter-day gold-dig­gers who con­tin­ue to use their ances­tral knowl­edge to dig out a few grams of gold and to live in hope. This film reveals a very unusu­al vil­lage, a place of pover­ty which is at the same time excep­tion­al­ly free, tol­er­ant and intense. It tells the story of Inca de Oro as though in a chron­i­cle of an approach­ing death.