Janina Rasch, Leonie Kock
Germany 2019 | 83 min
Sun, 09-May-21 05:00 PM
On demand: May 6-16th
Q&A via Zoom with:
Janina Rasch, Leonie Kock
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Mechthild, Volker, Chris­t­ian and Chris­tiane want fun above all. They are miss­ing humour in their fam­i­lies, spend hours on Face­book and can still add more sto­ries to 50 Shades of Grey. They are com­mit­ted to help­ing refugees, want to travel and are look­ing for the love of their lives. And they are reg­u­lars at the Ham­burg party scene “Fal­tenrock” for people of 60 years and older.

What does aging mean in an urban­ized soci­ety in which retirees play an active role? Are there behav­iour­al pat­terns that are appro­pri­ate for elders? And why should tablet boxes and crutch­es change one´s per­son­al­i­ty? “I´d like to be per­ceived as me and not as a grand­ma,” as Mechthild clarifies.

Or in the words of co-direc­tor Leonie Kock: “The con­fronta­tion with one’s own age is always also a con­fronta­tion with its images in society.”

Direc­tors, script, pro­duc­tion: Leonie Kock, Janina Rasch
Cin­e­matog­ra­phy: Leonie Kock, Kevin Lausen, Janina Rasch
Sound: Bela Brandes
Edit­ing: Robert Fal­ck­en­berg, Leonie Kock, Janina Rasch
Con­tact: faltenrock.film@gmail.com