EGOLI - My South African Home Movie

Jens Meurer
Germany 1996 | 90 Min. | 16 mm, OmeU

South Africans after Apartheid are get­ting to know strange things about each other: even after a his­to­ry of oppres­sion and injus­tice, they can and want to live togeth­er. Sweet revenge on apartheid. Egoli is a per­son­al and inti­mate look at this sad, happy, vio­lent, beau­ti­ful coun­try by Jens Meurer, a German film­mak­er who grew up in Johan­nes­burg (Egoli is the city’s African name). Meurer is going back to find out what it means to be a »New« South African. Egoli is both his story and the story of his gen­er­a­tion – from the heyday of Apartheid in the 70’s to the opti­mistic New South Africa of today. Film­ing took place over two years, start­ing before the first free elec­tions in 1994. The film also includes a lot of pri­vate Super 8mm footage, show­ing all the main pro­tag­o­nists as the direc­tor knew them in the ‘70s.