Jean Rouch
France, Niger 1974 | 90 Min. | 35 mm, OF

A film that por­trays the adven­tures of three friends in the Niger­ian bush. Lam decides to travel into the bush in an old 2CV van and with a helper, to buy some chick­ens in the vil­lages in order to go into busi­ness. A third person, inte­grat­ed after a fash­ion into the group, weak­ens the already pre­car­i­ous organ­i­sa­tion of this ven­ture. The van plays a lead­ing role in their jour­ney, which leads them from Niamey into the bush. The trip is char­ac­terised by out­ra­geous events such as the meet­ing with a she-devil or the cross­ing of the Niger, all pre­texts for count­less dis­cus­sions and tor­rents of words.