Jean Marie Teno
Camerun, France 1999 | 61 Min. | 16 mm, OmeU
Q&A with: Jean Marie Teno

Chef! is a film about frus­tra­tion. Frus­tra­tion in the face of grow­ing misery in a coun­try rich in nat­ur­al resources which are exclu­sive­ly there for the ben­e­fit of a pow­er­ful minor­i­ty. Frus­tra­tion in the face of indif­fer­ence and arro­gance of the bosses towards the pover­ty of so many people. Frus­tra­tion in the face of silent anger of the masses which is expressed in vio­lence against the weak­est and poor­est. Frus­tra­tion about living in a coun­try which is a prison with­out bars, at the mercy of the good will of an allpow­er­ful boss. With this film I wanted to high­light the respon­si­bil­i­ty of the big and small bosses who prof­it­ed from the con­fu­sion of colo­nial times, and who have become tyrants of their own people, con­tribut­ing to a social devel­op­ment towards cor­rup­tion and increas­ing misery. I also wanted to high­light the fas­ci­na­tion of the people with fig­ures of author­i­ty. (Jean Marie Teno)