Bezness as Usual

Karim Alexander Pitstra
Niederlande 2016 | 93 Min. | OmeU
Do, 25.05.2017 13:30
“I had no idea what to expect. Maybe my father was a member of the Taliban, living in a mud hut, deep in the desert, surrounded by goats.” Etwa 25 … mehr

Programm I: Rituale, Klage, Ekstase

Italien 1958-66 | Gesamtlänge: 81 Min. | OmeU, OmU
Do, 25.05.2017 15:15
STENDALI Italien 1960 / 11 Min. / .mp4 (Archivio Cinema del Reale) / OmeU Regie: Cecilia Mangini; Musik: Egisto Macchi; Text: Pier Paolo Pasolini Die Rekonstruktion eines traditionellen Trauerrituals von Bäuerinnen … mehr

The War Show

Andreas Dalsgaard, Obaidah Zytoon
Finnland, Syrien 2016 | 104 Min. | OmeU
Mi, 24.05.2017 10:00
Do, 25.05.2017 18:00
Obaidah Zytoon legt in ihrer Live-Radio-Sendung den Sound zur syrischen Revolution auf. So beginnt im März 2011 ihre persönliche Reise ins Ungewisse, voller Hoffnung und mit ungebremster Energie. Als Erzählerin … mehr

I Am Not Your Negro

Raoul Peck
Belgien, Frankreich, Schweiz, USA 2016 | 93 Min. | OmeU
Do, 25.05.2017 20:30
Kurz vor seinem Tode 1979 verfasst James Baldwin einen Textentwurf, der sein Leben als homosexueller Schriftsteller im Kontext der schwarzen Bürgerrechtsbewegung in der Rückschau reflektiert und verortet. Die 30 bislang … mehr

Letter from Korlai

Aman Wadhan
Indien 2016 | 22 Min. | OF
Do, 25.05.2017 22:15
In Letter from Korlai, grainy 16mm images and a voice reading a fictional letter unfold a phantasmagoric, indeterminate space. The images of the village of Korlai on India’s Konkan coast … mehr

These Objects, Those Memories

Roger Horn
Südafrika 2017 | 29 Min. | OmeU
Do, 25.05.2017 22:15
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How can you keep your most precious memories, when everything is left behind? Working in Cape Town, South Africa, three migrant women from Zimbabwe found a keeper of their past in material culture, they brought with them: The baby blanket, a son back in Zimbabwe used to sleep on. The stove that was a present from father and brother back home. The first camera in the family. In a split screen, Roger Horn arranges the women’s narrations of key moments in their lives with objects they connect with these memories. His unusual technique opens a space for associations and contemplation as well as a feeling of the past and an omnipresent longing for a return to Zimbabwe. “These Objects, Those Memories” is the center of Horn’s PhD research in Visual Anthropology at the University of Cape Town.

Who Is Your Grandfather?
(Y yaab la a boê?)

Rikisaburo Sato, Sunjha Kim
Deutschland 2016 | 24 Min. | OmeU
Do, 25.05.2017 22:15
During an annual Mossi people ritual, which takes place in Oueguedo in Burkina Faso, stories of the ancestors are told in drum language. “Who is your grandfather?” cries the master … mehr