students´ film forum
    The students’ film forum is back After its introduction in 2015, we are pleased to host the second students’ film forum as a fully integrated part of this year’s freiburger film forum. Instead of showing all films at a stretch, this year’s selection of 22 debut films from over 15 different countries is spread over the whole festival week. The new structure enables young filmmakers and visual anthropologists to exchange with established professionals and the audience to get a glimpse at the students’ section each day of the festival. Unlike the long-standing film forum, the students’ section is still coming of age. Making use of this potential, we open a space for controversial approaches, daring methods and unusual ideas addressing cultural and sociopolitical issues. We are not interested in competition or technical perfection, but originality of content and form. The selection covers a wide range of oeuvres in the field of visual anthropology, graduation projects and independent filmmaking. Our aim to invite all filmmakers in person led to intense discussions and sustaining synergies during the last festival and we hope […] mehr